What is ecollege?

After spending several months getting transcripts sent to the college, filling out forms, filing for my VA benefits and the occasional case of nerves I was accepted into my local college. I am using my VA benefits to help pay for my school. I decided to start at my local Technical College for my first two years then transfer to a 4 year college. This will cut back on my commuting for school. One piece of advice to older returning students. Check in with your college frequently to make sure the required forms and transcripts have arrived. Also ask if there are any other forms that need to be filled out. It always seemed like there was just one more piece of paper that I was missing or I needed. There are a lot more forms to fill out and hoops to jump through then you think in order to return to college. A lot more then I remember but I got them all completed.
To begin my return to college I started off with a college 101 class, this is a mandatory intro class for this college, and that is the best thing I could have done. My classes involve me doing a lot of assignments online. I find assignments on the college website (ecollege) in the course page and turn in assignments to the dropbox. The college library is very different then what I remember them being like. There are a lot fewer books but a lot of computers. So the library is there but a lot of it is online. All of this was a foreign language when I started my college 101 class. (I had worked with word and excel and emails in my old job but not the rest) But it was an accelerated two week class and by the end I was familiar with ecollege, dropbox and online assignments. So I was introduced to some technology that was all new to me. I was rather confused to start with but with the patience and practice I got it figured out. But I still run into the new technology “huh?” feeling but I am learning. That means you get hit with some new piece of technology and you are abit confused at first. The trick is to keep a sense of humor about the whole technology “huh?” moments.


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