Isn’t a tweet what a bird says?

One of the classes I am taking this semester is a Business Technology and Innovation. My learning curve in that class resembles a jet doing a vertical takeoff. One thing we had to do was start a twitter account. I didn’t have one and I hadn’t followed anything on twitter before. Come to think about it I hadn’t used twitter at all before this class. So this was all new territory for me. I am a birder so to me a tweet is what a bird says. But college is all about learning new things. I created a twitter account and since the Olympics were going on I decided to follow some of the Olympic tweets. That was entertaining. Like the tweets and photos of hotel issues and the athlete who got stuck in the bathroom. Who knew I would be tweeting and following others on twitter. But I am not keeping up with my twitter account.
This class has introduced me to a lot of new technology. This blog is one of them. I am really enjoying the blogging process. So if you are an older adult and have been thinking about going back to college give it a shot. You may not have the technology skills the younger students have but you have a lot more knowledge in the experience end of things. I am as old as a lot of my fellow students parents are and I am probably older then afew of my instructors.
The other day in class the instructor was talking about the Challenger disaster to a student and the student said she would have to look it up online. I was thinking I don’t have to look it up I remember sitting in front of the tvs at my college with afew hundred other students watching the replays. There is the generation difference popping up again.
I had to do a paper the other week for another class on conflict resolution and we were suppose to use an incident from our past. The younger students had to think about that one and a lot of them chose something from high school. But I had 30+ years of work experience to choose from. And since I had spent 10 years in management I several incidents to pick from. That is one advantage of being an older student you have a lot more life experiences to pick from. 🙂 I have done this for all three of the papers I have had to do this semester.

—And in case you are curious the photos on this blog were all taken by myself.—-


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