How do I turn it on?

As I mentioned in my previous post one of my classes is Business Tech. There was one day when we were issued an Ipad for use during that days class. Now when you ask people for a definition of a tablet you could get several different answers depending on what age the answerer is. Some folks might say a tablet is a pad of paper. Others may say it is an aspirin pill. But others will say it is a small computer. I don’t own a tablet (a computer one that is) and wasn’t looking at buying one so I had never really handled them. I have one friend who has one and he showed me a couple of photos on it but otherwise nope hadn’t used one. So that day in class was interesting. Once I had flipped the cover over there was the screen…dark….staying dark…looked closer and didn’t see anything that resembled an on switch. hmmmm now what? So I leaned over and asked the 20 something gal next to me…”How do you turn this on?” What I thought was the logo at the bottom of the Ipad was actually the on switch. Ok I now have a screen but it doesn’t look like the screen the instructor is showing on the overhead…hmmm… so I leaned over again.. “This screen doesn’t look like the one on the overhead. How do I change the screen?” Answer-you just swipe with your finger. Ah ha! I was able to then follow along on the Ipad till we hit a stretch of several minutes where I didn’t touch the screen so the screen goes dark. I tried swiping it but that didn’t work. hmmm…Leaned over again (see a pattern here? 🙂 ) and asked “How do I get the screen back on?” Guess what, there is another hidden button on the top edge of the Ipad and that turns the screen back on. I do have some nice classmates. Like I said before, steep learning curve. But since then we have used the Ipads several more times and I haven’t had any issues. But that is what I refer to as the Ipad incident. I laugh every time I think about it.
But the more I become familiar with today’s technology the better prepared I will be with my classes and my future job. I could be assigned a tablet for my job. Or I could be asked to do a blog for the company or post to the company twitter site. I won’t have to ask how to turn on that tablet or how to post to twitter. So learning about all these technologies now is an advantage for me in the future.


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