Presi not presto

Business Tech is not the only class were I have had to learn new technology. I am also taking an Intro to Business class and we have had to do several presentations as a team. And in a couple of the presentation some of the requirements were that we had to use a specific type of technology. In one presentation we chose to use Presi and Voki. Before the assignment I had never heard of the two. Thank goodness for the internet! I am able to get online and look up what the technology is and then use it. Presi is a another type of presentation format like PowerPoint but is has a limited number of slides for each presentation. The templates are more dynamic then they are in PowerPoint. Something different for a future job presentation. And Voki is an animation program. You can put in text and have a character that you pick from a menu speak that text. Rather cute.
The other thing that has changed since the 90s in college, at least at this college, is that I don’t have a lot of tests. The grades are on a point system and you earn the points thru assignments, papers, discussion, team projects and a quiz or two. So I didn’t have to deal with midterms before spring break. Wild. And for each class I am taking you can go into the course and check your grades, which is great. And yes I am doing very well so far. I am very proud of myself. My goal is to maintain my current grade level for the rest of the semester. And no I won’t say what it is because I don’t want to jinx it. 🙂
I am now half way thru the semester and I am now more sure this is the direction I need to go. I haven’t been this upbeat and happy in several years. But then again it could be that it looks like spring is finally getting here. I am sooooo tired of subzero temps and snow. It has been a long winter here in Wisconsin. The warmer weather makes me want to celebrate. It’s just not warm enough to throw open all the windows and air out the stale winter air from the house.


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