Spring my foot

Okay it is the first day back after spring break and they are calling for snow tonight. It is March 24th!!!!!! We are still running about 10 degrees below normal. I have a sneaky feeling it is going to be a long cold spring. In past years the daffodils were blooming already but nary a sight of them yet. If you can’t tell I am sooooooo ready for warm weather. I would be happy with 4 days in a row of temps in the mid40s.
But on the plus side I did get out yesterday to do some birding and photography. Found a lot of Canada Geese (like 1500-1800 geese), some sandhill cranes, robins and some horned larks. I did get some photos of geese standing on ice. But it was in the mid 20s.
But classes started again today. A lot of students were still out today so my team building class was 4 students short out of 12. Will be interesting to see how many make it to class tomorrow.
As I have mentioned before I am part of the Horicon Marsh Bird Festival. We have a running joke about the weather during the festival. It isn’t a proper festival unless we have one day of crummy weather. Well the last two years the weather has been great, from a human standpoint. It was a little warm for the birds during the afternoon. Considering that this has been a long cold winter and spring just will not arrive I am afraid that we are going to have a cold wet festival this year. But the neat thing is that birders are use to birding in all sorts of weather. We are a hardy bunch. And the birds don’t care what the weather is, they will be there. You can check out the festival at our website at http://www.horiconmarshbirdfestival.com

I am reposting this post since it looks like something happened to it after I posted it before. hmmmm Guess it is a Monday. 🙂


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