An application is what you do for a job

Before smart phones came along an application was something you filled out when you wanted to apply for a job. (yes I am dating myself again) Now it is a computer program that allows you to perform a specific task on your tablet, smartphone or other mobile device. I knew there were a lot of apps out there but I didn’t realize how many. We had an assignment in Business Tech to research mobile apps for a specific system. We could choose iPhone, Blackberry or another. Since I am a poor college student I only have a basic cellphone (flip phone) and as I have mentioned before, I don’t have a tablet either. This all means that I don’t have any use for apps nor have I used them so once again we are wandering through new territory. I ended up researching blackberry apps, simply because when I was working I had a Blackberry flip phone. Man there are apps for everything from games to creating a mobile office. Pretty cool. Some seemed to be pretty useful but others are almost redundant. It seemed I could do the task faster then it would take to actually use the app. But since I haven’t actually used the app I could be wrong. Have been before. 🙂 There are some I wrote down that once I graduate and can afford a smartphone I want to download. But those could be ancient by the time I graduate considering how fast tech is changing these days. My phone will probably be an antique too by then. I really liked the waze app (for directions) and connect to dropbox app (so I can upload info to a common location). And in my photography club one member uses several different apps to create some pretty cool effects with some photos. Those I will definitely be downloading. But those apps will have to wait till I can afford a smartphone or tablet. The cost is not the actual phone but the cost of the monthly data plan. I suppose kids today can afford those data plans cause they don’t have the expenses I have as a homeowner. Once I get my degree I should be able to get a well paying job and then I can afford a new phone. Somewhere over the rainbow…… 🙂
And since I have been using a lot of bird photos and winter scenes I am doing a different photo. Something a bit warmer looking. This shot was taken in late Sept. They are hay bales in a large field.


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