Just plain ole school talk

I have been mostly talking about my Business Tech class and all the new technology I am learning about in that class. I also talked about the College 101 class I took back in January. But I am taking several more classes than those this semester. I am also taking Finance, Introduction to Business, Computer Literacy and Team Building & Problem Solving. I have an associate degree in Hotel/Motel Management I got back in the mid 90s after I got out of the US Navy. I was able to get some classes transferred which means if I take two classes this summer I should be able to graduate next spring. Barring any unforeseen delays.
In my Team Building class we have created teams and are working on a community project. My team has taken on the Seippel Art Center here in Beaver Dam. They are a non-profit arts center. We are working to raise community awareness of this local art center. They have art exhibits (where I have exhibited some of my photos) and various clubs and classes. (if you are interested you can check them out at http://www.bdaaa.org) We are going to be doing a crowd funding site. The Seippel Center is in need of a new computer for the director. The one they have is 6+ years old. So I will be posting a notice when we have the site up and running. Would love to have people donate some money even if it is only $5 or $10 dollars. We are looking at raising around 750 dollars. (computer, monitor, external hard drive and some office software.) The game plan is to get the site up in the next week.
In my Intro to Business class we have also created teams and are working on building a business. My team is only three people (we had a fourth member but she dropped out of the class) but it is a good group. Our business is starting a wildlife pest removal business. One of our members has actually helped out a cousin doing this.
In my Finance class I am learning a lot about finance. It is actually filling in a lot of blanks I had about certain finance functions.
In my Computer Lit class I am learning word, excel and PowerPoint. I have worked with word and excel in the past but I am learning a few new things. And I haven’t worked with PowerPoint but I can now create a presentation in PowerPoint. It is nice to know how to do things the correct way. I have been self-taught in my word and excel so there were gaps in the knowledge.
My learning curve hasn’t been as steep in those classes but I have had to make allowances for certain things. My 52-year-old eyes aren’t as sharp as they were the last time I was in college. So I just make sure I sit in the front of the classroom. I noticed that the younger students like to sit more in the back of the room so the front seats are pretty open. Plus my ears aren’t as sharp either. Too many rock bands in small clubs when I was younger I guess. ha ha. But man some of those bands were good. 🙂 Here I go dating myself but I remember seeing Steppenwolf when they were doing the club circuit back in the 80s. Loud but fun.


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