Spring maybe but really?

I was sitting here finishing up my Intro to Business homework and I heard something I hadn’t heard in months. Did I really hear what I thought I was hearing?? So I went to my front door opened it and listened. Someone is out mowing their lawn! Really???? It is in the low 50s and the grass is still brown, the daffodils aren’t even blooming.(they are even half up yet) The grass isn’t even green let alone growing. Wow mowing today is a little early. And now I am hearing another neighbor has gotten his weed whacker going. I am wondering what there is to weed whack? I know everyone is impatient for spring to get here and stay but this is pushing it. The only thing I can think of is that the guys were going into machine withdrawal. It has been a month or two since they last time they had to get their snow blowers out so I guess they needed to get some machines out to play with them. Boys with toys keeps going thru my mind. It seems the older I get the more I see that is soooooo true. I knew a guy who at 80 bought a new car. He had to take us out to show us the new car AND all the neat stuff the car could do. They never out grow it but the toys do get more expensive. 🙂
Well I was working on my class schedule for the next few semesters the other day. I will be taking a couple of classes this summer. One of my classes will be a video conference and my other class will be an online class. It looks like I will have to learn how to do an online class. But it will be good to learn it when I am only taking two classes. In my fall and next spring classes I will have to take several online classes. And when I transfer to my 4 year college I will be taking a lot of classes online so learning how to do an online class when I have the time will be a good plan I am thinking. I mean look at how much I have learned to do this semester. If I can learn to do all that then I can learn to do online classes. If you had told me last summer I would create and write a blog and enjoy doing it I would have thought you were nuts. But here I am.
And if you are picking up that I am enjoying going back to school you are right. Spring break was a little rough cause I didn’t travel anyplace and it was too cold and nasty to get outside plus the birds hadn’t really rolled into town yet. And I didn’t have any school work to keep me busy. So that just left cleaning my house. Not one of my favorite things. 🙂
I guess I need to do a load of laundry and do some dishes. And for those who have read my past posts, no I haven’t gotten my dishwasher back together yet. Looks like I will have to give in and call a handyman in.


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