Not quite the quiet week

I’ve been waiting for three days in a row that are in the 50s and I finally got it. Ahhhh spring. Happy dance. You can see some strange sights in the spring. Yesterday I walked out of my house and heard a duck fly over and it seemed pretty low. So I looked around and spotted the duck. It was sitting on the top ridge of my neighbors roof. Ducks on roofs? Then this morning I looked out my kitchen window and there was a group of 5 crows rummaging and squabbling in my neighbors backyard pulling out old garden scraps.
In school with some of my classes we have a blended day. That means we aren’t meeting in the classroom but we will have an online assignment. These days are spaced out throughout the semester. Well as it worked out this week three of my five classes didn’t have class. So it should have been a quiet week right? Wrong. 🙂 I was on campus every day. I had to meet my advisor to figure out my class schedule for the next several semesters. I am taking two classes this summer. One will be online and the other will be a video conference class. So once I got the schedule figured out I had to sign up for summer classes. Then I had to meet with my business group to create our next presentation. And today I am meeting with another student to help him with some homework.
So this week I have created two power point presentations, created my crowd funding site for my team building project (see my previous post), created a couple of 30 second videos for class plus several other assignments. I have so much energy in the spring.
I am also in a weekly bowling league. We bowl for the fun rather then the scores. So we have a lot of fun. Our last week of bowling for this season was Wed night. Won’t be bowling until next Sept. But that is ok. I be out birding a lot instead.
Things are starting to get cranking for our Horicon Marsh Bird Festival. That is only in a few weeks. It falls on the weekend before the last week of class. Thank goodness I don’t have final exams for my classes. That would be a major stressor.
After I help my fellow student I plan on going out and doing some birding this afternoon. I was going to go out early this morning but just couldn’t get out of bed that early. ha ha


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