26 days left

As I have mentioned in a previous post I am taking a class called Team Building. As part of this class we are doing a community service project. My team has taken on the Seippel Center for the Arts in Beaver Dam WI. In working with the director we discovered her computer is over 6 years old and is now having to be repaired (it died last weekend). As part of the project we want to raise enough funds to buy the director a new computer, new monitor (she has the old non flat screen monitor) and an external hard drive. the Seippel Center is a non profit organization so rely on fundraising to operate.
I am actually a member of the Seippel Center. I have also exhibited some of my photos in various exhibits at the Seippel Center. Plus I am a member of the photography club that is hosted by the Seippel Center. So yes I do have close ties with them. (and I have donated to this fundraiser)
I would love it if you could help us reach our goal.
Pass this link on to others.
Here is the link for the crowd funding site.
We have gotten some donations but need more to reach our goal. A donation can be a small as $10.


If you wish to learn more about the Seippel Center you can check them out on their website at http://www.bdaaa.org

Vicki-Return to School at 52


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