Weekly Photo Challange: Monuments

Here are my photos about monuments. The first is the Vietnam Memorial. Then there is a flying buttress from the Washington Cathedral. And an abandoned house from long ago. A series of arches and doorway from the civil war Ft Morgan. And a photo of what was left of the bridge going into Biloxi MS from Alabama after Hurricanes Ivan and Katrina moved thru. Monuments to the past, the power of nature, the fallen and buildings of man. Enjoy


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challange: Monuments

  1. Great pictures. In particular I like the one of the ruined bridge. Really shows the destructive powers of nature but the image is so serene. And the light is really special

    1. What took out the bridge was the storm surge. The water lifted and destroyed the sections of the bridge. The bridge on the left side is a two lane bridge and the one on the right is a single lane bridge. The power of the water required to tear the bridge apart is amazing.

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