And the fog lifts

Well mother nature is having mood swings. We ended up getting 5 1/2 inches of rain between Sat and Sun. But then it changed over to snow for Monday. We only got a light coating here but other parts of Wisconsin got several inches. Then a couple of days later it was back up in the 50s. Gotta love spring in Wisconsin. It is the only season where you can use your lawnmower and snowblower within a couple weeks of each other.
Well it is getting down to a few weeks left in this semester. So things are starting to gain speed as everything is coming due. I can’t quite figure out if I am behind, ahead or on schedule with all my assignments. So I will just make lists and cross them off as I get them done. 🙂
The one class I was intimidated by when I started this semester was Business Technology and Innovation. Learning about all the new tech when I hadn’t grown up with all this social media was a bit scary. But I have a great teacher and she has been patient with my occasional “huh?” moments. But as I became more comfortable with the new technology those moments were fewer and fewer. And since I am self-taught on a lot of stuff (word, excel, power point, presi etc) I have learned that if I just go in and play with it I will learn it. That seems to work best for me. As I have learned all this new technology the fog lifts. Now I can keep up with others when they talk about tweets, blogs and apps.
You will have seen in a couple of my past posts about our fund-raising drive. We only have a few weeks to raise the funds. But it going to be a great thing if we can get that new computer. It will make life for the director a lot easier. But in terms of being self-taught that was also self-taught. I researched online the best option for the crowd funding site and found the right one. Then followed the steps on the site and created the site. I also added a 30 second video about the Seippel Center. I had just learned how to do that in Bus Tech class a couple days earlier. I am going to do a 3 minutes video in the next couple of weeks.
The rest of my classes are moving right along. It feels strange that the end of the semester is only a few weeks away, I feel like I just started classes a couple of weeks ago. I think around mid May I will sit down and go “What happened to April let alone May?”
I have signed up for my 2 summer classes I am planning on taking. And I signed up for my fall classes.


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