The finish line is in sight

I know I didn’t post anything for a week. Sorry about that. I came down with the crud. You know what that is. 🙂 It is the sinus congestion, fever, cough crud that goes around in the spring. So it is hard to type when you are coughing hard enough to give you a headache. 🙂 That only lasted afew days but then I was busy catching up with my school work. There are only afew weeks left till the end of the semester so all those projects that I have been working on are coming due. Busy Busy.
The one class I have talked about before is Business Tech and for the final project we are doing a webinar. But before we can start on that we have to pick a web app to use to create the webinar. After trying out afew we decided on WebEx. This app allows screen sharing, multiple presenters, a chat option for questions, you can upload files and you can record it for playback at a later date. You can also prerecord to present later. And it was fairly simple to use. So that is the app we chose to use.
For that class we also did a video. I did a 4 minute video made up of photos I took of the Fiber Art Show at the Seippel Center If you are interested here is the link to it

My other classes are moving right along. I may not post a lot in the next couple of weeks since I will be busy finishing up my assignments for the end of the semester. And the end of the semester is approaching with amazing speed.
Plus next weekend I will be working the Horicon Marsh Bird Festival. So I am very busy this month.


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