Then and Now

Here is alittle something I wrote this afternoon after looking out my kitchen window and seeing all the tulips blooming in my neighbors yard. And remember I live in Wisconsin. 🙂

Then and Now
Then it was white.
The white just sat there in great piles. At times it came down gently or it came at you sideways. It kissed you softly or stung as it pelted you. Small or large, soft or hard, it came and came with no end in sight.
Sound effects were introduced. It would whisper, shriek, moan or whistle as it seeked out the hidden cracks and crevices in the walls to snake across the floor to chill toes.
With the white came the shivers. At times it was just a single shiver other times the shivers were more frequent when a minus sign was seen. As the days passed the shivers continued. The January thaw only lasted a day and the freezer returned with more shivering. We were introduced to new words like polar vortex.
Green stalks should have bloomed with yellow but the shivers continued with no appearance of color. Each time we thought the end was in sight the shivers returned. Long after we had given up hope the first green shoots slowly peeked out.
As the days passed the green took over from the white and the brown. The silence of the white is replaced by the song coming from tree and bush.
Slowly, oh so slowly the mercury nudged upward and the heavy wraps were exchanged for something lighter in weight.
Then the colors began to appear. At first it was a hint here and there but the colors became more abundant until one day you realize the white was no more.
Now the joyful colors of red, yellow and purple compete with the green carpet that covers all as the white and the shivers faded into memory. The wraps are put away in closets for a few months.
Now it is color and song. Oh joy.


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