Great Neighbors are a gift

I love living in small towns! The town I live in has only about 16,000 people and I have some great neighbors. The older gentleman next door sometimes brings my trash can back up from the street up to my garage after trash pick up. I have come back from school or work and have found the can all the way up by my garage. He also will bring me extras from his garden. He had a very green thumb. I have another neighbor, Steve, who has a big gas snowblower. And after acouple of big snowfalls this past winter he snowblowed his way across my backyard and snowblowed out my driveway. (for a town location I have abit of a longer driveway). Another neighbor acouple of doors down has taken his snowblower all the way up the block and snowblowed out the city sidewalk for the entire block.(I just have an electric 18″ snowblower) My snowblower works great but it can take abit longer on the deeper snowfalls.
I tried to mow my lawn last week but due to rain, school and bird festival today was the first chance I got to mow. So I went out and worked to get the mower running. The first time of the year it takes about 45 minutes of priming and pulling before I can get it going and running. (I have a mulching walking mower) Once I got it running I started on the grass. In some places the grass was over 6″ deep. (where the sump pump kicks out the water) And since it has been raining a lot lately the grass was also wet and thick. So to mow it I had to do it reeeeeeal slow with the mower deck on high. Step 6″ forward, stop when the rpms drop, tilt the mower so wet grass blows out then move forward another few inches repeat. Verrrrrry slow going. Normally it takes me between 45-60 minutes to mow my entire yard. I was figuring it would take me an 1 1/2 hours to mow. I was working on one edge of my backyard when I hear through my earmuffs a loud mower behind me. I turn around and another neighbor, with his BIG John Deere riding mower (48″ inch deck?) was mowing my backyard. At least the big sections I hadn’t mowed yet. I guess he was tired of watching me inch my way across my yard and just came over. 🙂 He was out mowing his lawn and his fathers lawn (his father lives next door to him and is also one of my backyard neighbors). So with two lawn mowers going he couldn’t hear what I was saying. So I just put my hand over my heart, bowed and mouthed Thank You. He smiled and waved.
I do love my small town neighbors. I think I need to make him a batch of thank you cookies cause he shaved about 30-40 minutes off my mowing time. As it was it still took my an hour to mow the rest. (had to get it done today cause it is suppose to rain again tomorrow)


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