Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

These are my versions of works of art from mother nature.
The kingbird photo is called Kingbird a la Monet as it reminds me of Monet paintings. I have other photos I could have included but I have put them in other photo postings. (at least I think so) Mother Nature creates works of art in the colors, the hoarfrosts, fluffy snows, sunrises and sunsets.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

  1. This is beautiful. I went to the beach today, and I saw all these lovely trees illuminated by the sunset, and the water looked like a huge piece of rippling silk. I really enjoy nature’s pictures, and I’m glad you do too. The title of this blog is “Weekly Photo Challenge”; could I enter with some of my own photos?

    1. Yes you can enter the weekly photo challenge. Just go to the freshly pressed section and look up the rules for posting to the weekly photo challenge. You post from your blog, put the Weekly Photo Challenge: name of challenge, and put postaday in the category.

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