Mission accomplished…. at least for this semester

I have completed my first semester on my quest of getting my bachelors degree. I am so proud of myself I ended up with A’s across the board. Happy Dance. I knew I could do it but since it was 20 years since my last college venture there was that niggle of doubt wondering if I still had it in me. I took one class accelerated before the rest of the semester started and got an A in that one. Then in the regular semester I took 5 more classes. I took Team Building, Computer Literacy, Computer Technology & Innovation, Intro to Business and Intro to Finance. And I pulled A’s in ALL of them. I survived twitter, blogs, videos and webinars in my computer Tech class. And power point presentations in my other classes. I thought at the start of the semester Computer Tech would be the toughest class but the finance class was abit tougher. Happy dance all the way around. 🙂
I now have 10 days before I start my two summer classes. I will be taking Managing for Quality as a video conference class and I will be taking Psychology of Human Relations as an online class. I decided to take the online and video conference class this summer cause I will have to take that type of class again in the future. So I will have time to figure it out even though they are both accelerated classes. I already have homework for the Quality class.
But between now and the start of class I have a lot of stuff I gotta do. Have to scrap some paint off my concrete front porch. Need to do some painting on it. But I am still feeling abit lost since I don’t have homework for the next week or so.


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