Duck Jams

At Yellowstone Park they have Bear Jams. (a lot of cars stopping to see a bear)
At Horicon Marsh we have Duck Jams.

Last Friday I gave myself a goof off day. And so I went out birding and did some photography. On Wisbirdnet, an internet birding email service, there was a report of a rare bird being spotted on Dike Rd at Horicon Marsh. So I went out birding. I didn’t spot the bird at first but someone else had found it and pointed it out to me. I got abunch of photos. They were documentary only, not real good photos. But I did get this life bird. The bird was a Black Bellied Whistling Duck. The normal range for this duck is Northern Mexico and Tx and a small area of FL. And here is sat smack in the middle of Wisconsin. And I took some photos of the duck jam. The documentary photo of the duck. (look in the middle of the photo for the duck with a big white eye ring) And just for the cute factor I am throwing in a pic of a gosling (baby Canada Goose) eating a dandelion. Had a great time birding. And got some great photos. I will have to buckle down and start my homework for my summer classes this week.


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