I start my summer classes on Monday and my Managing for Quality class already had homework assigned. Besides some reading I had to write a paper about the quality management philosophies of Juran, Deming and Crosby. Now before I started the paper those names rang a bell. The bell was pretty distant but I could still hear it. And it really bugged me cause I knew the names from somewhere but I couldn’t pull it out of my memory banks. (At 53 the memory banks are pretty big so things can be easily lost) So I started doing research for the paper and the more I researched the more familiar the philosophies sounded. Then I ran across a paper written back in 1992 for the US Navy. It was about the US Navy using the philosophies of quality management for the US Navy. The Navy created a system called TQL (total quality leadership). Now the bells are louder. I checked the dates and sure enough the Navy started training everyone in TQL early in 1992. That was my last year in the Navy so I was trained in TQL. Now the bells are loud and clear. 🙂 So this tickled my funny bone. Here I am researching a paper about a management system that was taught across the country back in the 90s and I had been trained in it and now I have that subject in a class.
I was driving to my Bird Festival Meeting Tuesday night and was driving along with my window down. It was a lovely summer evening. Not to hot and not chilly but beautifully balmy. All the trees were leafed out and oh so green. Add in the scents of the lilacs blooming and other flowers. The best word I could come up with to describe it all was LUSH. Especially after the long cold winter we had. Oh it was lovely wallowing in the lushness of the balmy evening. 🙂


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