Summer on a laptop

Well summer school started a week ago. Both my classes are accelerated classes so they are only 6 weeks long. One class is online which is a first for me. Alot of time on my laptop. It is abit of an adjustment that I will not be meeting my prof and classmates face to face therefor what I have done is make Monday my class day. That is the day I have my video conference class so I just have made it class day. I have had 3 papers, one power point presentation and 5 online discussions and 6 chapters to read for last weeks classes and this weeks classes. Busy busy. The power point had to do was for Managing for Quality. We had to do a short PP on the 5 s. This is a system for organizing stuff. You sort, straighten, shine (clean), standardize and sustain. We had to pick a place at home that was cluttered and do the 5s on it plus take before and after pics. I picked the one area most people use a common dumping ground….the kitchen table. So I cleaned it off. I had sat here and kept thinking I need to clean that off so that was a positive. (of course stuff is already showing up again on the table. 🙂 )
But it is summer and I am loving the nice weather. It is not too hot out so it is great to go outside. I am planning on going out and cleaning out one of my gutters today. We had some major downpours last week and in looking out one window I saw that the one downspout appeared to be clogged. Water was spurting out at the top and not too much was coming out the bottom. Not good.
As I said in a previous posting, great neighbors are a gift but everyone has that one house in the neighborhood where you are asking yourself What is up with that place? Well that place is across the street from me. I am just waiting for the morning I wake up and the roof has imploded. I moved into my house back in 2007 and they were abit strange then. Then a year or so later I saw something black flapping on the roof. (the roof has a small flat area at the very top, like 6’x3′) The house is a two story house. The flapping was a black tarp that was anchored down with some cinderblocks. I figured the roof was leaking since abunch of shingles were missing. Then the gutters starting coming down due to the weight of the ice in them. So the gutters are off on acouple sides of their house. I have watched squirrels bopp into a hole in their eaves. Then last weekend I was sitting in my living room and saw something moving out of the corner of my eye. They have a bump out or porch type structure on the front of the house with a flat roof. They had put a white painters tarp from one end of the bumpout to the other end with about 3 feet handing off the end. That is what I saw flapping and moving. The next day the guy was out on the roof with acouple of long 2x4s that he put up against the siding. He then took some rubber black matting and put them on the roof from the white tarp to the siding. He then nailed the mats to the boards. But if he was doing this to keep water from leaking in he was doing it all wrong and water is still going to get in behind the boards. Oh well. They do keep me entertained with guessing on what is going to happen next. (plus a lot of other odd things they have done)


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