Hangin in There

I didn’t realize how busy I have been over the past few weeks until I saw my last post was June 13th. My two classes are keeping me very busy. Since they are accelerated classes you are doing two weeks worth of work in one week. And for my psychology class I don’t have one week between lesson plans but only 5 days. So it is even faster paced. Now I have added a part time job into the mix and then you toss in the normal summer chores of mowing the lawn every week (or less) plus doing Relay for Life and other activities. All that is keeping me busier then I realized. I am doing very well in my two classes but we will see how the final projects go. I have to do a team project in each class. In managing for quality class, that is my video conference class, I do have face time with my teammates so that helps. With my online class I am suppose to chat with my teammates in the class live chat. And here is where the fun began. I went to log in to my chat and I kept getting an error message so I called the help desk. They couldn’t help me and told me to call the online learning desk. I called them but they were out of town at a conference. Then I called the help desk back (two more times) they gave me links and other things to try but nothing worked. I went to my desktop computer and tried it there and what do you know I could get on thru my desktop. So there is something on my laptop that won’t let me connect to the class live chat. I can connect to live chat on google and facebook but not for class. Sigh. It is amazing how much time you can spend (waste) on figuring out a computer glitch with nothing to show for it but frustration.
I get my entertainment where I can get it. And luckily small things can amuse me for hours. 🙂 Like what happened last night. I will think about needing to call my mom and then when I do she will tell me she was just going to call me in alittle while. Or vice versa. Well last night our timing got even better. I picked up the phone and called my mom but got a busy signal. I tried back afew minutes latter and she said she had just tried calling me but she got a busy signal. It seems that we had tried calling each other at the same time. Great timing. ha ha
So I am hanging in there. I am going to try and make some time to go out and do abit of birding and photography this weekend. (weather permitting of course). I will try and do the weekly photo challenge abit more frequently. That is another thing I haven’t been doing for posts here. Keep missing them.


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