and summer continues

Summer continues. But it is a cooler summer so I am enjoying it big time. I am feeling abit guilty since I haven’t been posting regularly to my blog.
I finished my video conference class this past Monday. This was my Managing for Quality class and I was able to pull an A in the class. I still have another week to complete my online class. Fingers crossed that the prof likes the final team project paper since it is worth a lot of points. (like 200 pts) I have had to write several papers for both my psychology of human relations class and my managing for quality class. The big advantage I have had is that it wasn’t hard to come up with subject to write about since they all had to do with personal experiences. I have had a lot of those. ha ha. One paper I had to write about was something that was a major stressor in my life. Well it wasn’t a matter of finding an experience that was stressful but to narrow it down to just ONE. 🙂
I hope to post to the weekly photo challenge tomorrow.
The photo I picked for this posting is one I call Outstanding in it’s field. I just love the single red flower in the field of pale purple flowers.


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