two more under the belt

Last Monday I completed the exam for the psychology class and that was the last assignment I had to complete for the two summer classes. Then acouple of tense days waiting for my grade. And happy dance. I pulled two more A’s. That means I have maintained my 4.0 GPA. So that was a relief.
I now have three weeks off till my fall classes start. I will be taking 6 classes this fall. Three of the classes are accelerated classes. Two start at the end of Aug but complete in mid Oct. The third one will start at the end of Oct and complete with my three traditional classes in mid December. So the schedule is going to be interesting to say the least. We will get through it like we did the other classes.
The classes I will be taking this fall are:
Customer Service Essentials-I have been in customer service my entire working career so that should be fine.
Intro to Human Resources-I am familiar with HR as I had to do the hiring and firing in several jobs in the past.
Business Communication-we shall see about this one. šŸ™‚
Marketing Principles-this also is one we shall have to see about.
Intro to Sociology- this will be something totally new.
Intro to Ethics-this should be interesting. I have always been a very ethical person.
So this lineup will keep me busy this fall. But if I do well this fall then that will just leave the spring semester to complete the associates degree. Then it will be on to my Bachelors degree.
In the mean time I have a lot of house work and work around the house I have to complete before I start those classes. (vacuuming, dusting, week wacking etc)
I cleaned off acouple of tables next to my recliner of my summer class stuff and found some stuff that I lost over the past couple of months. šŸ™‚ A screwdriver, compact mirror, outdoor flag and my box cutters. I had been searching for the screwdriver, mirror and box cutters for over a month now. Amazing the things you can find when you clean. šŸ™‚ ha ha
Now to go out and mow the lawn before it rains this afternoon.


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