Finally….. DONE!

Several months back, like in May, I had several posts about a fund raising drive. We wanted to raise enough money to buy a new computer for the non profit organization the Seippel Center for the Arts. Their two computers were refurbished and over 6 years old. They didn’t have sound on them or was able to do a lot of things on them. In my Team Building class we had team projects which were community service projects. My team choose to help the Seippel Center for the Arts. As a result we raised funds through a crowd funding site and we were able to purchase two laptops for them. They were very excited.
The reason it took so long to get the laptops was there was some problems with getting the final check from the crowd funding site. But we finally received it and we were able to order the new laptops. We had the presentation last week. So the last little bit of what we had to do for the team project was finally done!!!
It feels kinda strange that the project is actually over and done. I have been working on this project since January so there is a bit of a feeling of “now what?” But that will pass.
The photo at the top of this posting is from the presentation last week. Only one of my teammates could make the presentation. The other two had other commitments, one was at military training.
I guess “now what?” is that I now have to start cleaning the house. Just put on some rockin tunes and get out the vacuum. 🙂


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