And the fall semester starts…….well maybe not today

The 20th, the 27th. They are both Wednesdays. What would a new semester be without something messed up. 🙂
I got my books together and packed them up and headed across town to go to my first class for the fall semester. I get to the classroom and sit down and wait, and wait and wait. hmmmmmm class is suppose to start at 12:30 and it is now 12:25 and no one else has showed up. (and I got a few strange looks by a couple of people passing in the hallway) Something is wrong with this picture. I go out into the entryway and logged into the e-college computer system to see if there was a change in classrooms. Nothing there. So I go into the main office and check with them to be sure my class hadn’t been cancelled. Nope I simply had the wrong dates. I had it written down that classes started on Wed the 20th. Wrong! This Wed class didn’t start until next Wed the 27th. So I now have the afternoon free. ha ha ha. I guess better early then late. (the semester officially starts tomorrow, the 21st, hence the strange looks I had gotten sitting in the classroom)
And I thought my Business Communication class was my problem for the start of this semester. I had signed up for the class for the Beaver Dam campus then got notified two weeks ago that there wasn’t enough people signed up so the class was cancelled. So they said I could take the class at another campus but to do that I would have had to rearrange my entire class schedule. Not an option. So online it said there were two seats left on the online class so I signed up for that. Well it seems the online number of seats was incorrect so I ended up being on a waiting list to get into the class. If I can’t take it this fall I will have to take it online next spring. Since I was on campus today I checked my status on the wait list. I had moved up from #5 to #1. So there is still a chance I could get in.
It seems that there is always something at the beginning of each semester. Last spring it was the nerves about returning to school and having no idea what I was getting into. Then this past summer I bought my book for my online psychology class and found out it was the wrong book.(bookstore had pulled the wrong book) So went back to the bookstore and they were out of the needed book but there was a wait list for the next shipment. Not an option so went onto Amazon and ordered it from there. Each semester has started with some sort of issue. Ahh well I will get through this like I have all the other times. 🙂 But since I was ready for class even though there wasn’t class today I will treat myself to an ice cream. 🙂


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