Set, pull, putt putt, roar………sputter, silence

When you start your lawn mower the first part is great but after you start mowing the sputter then silence is NOT good. This past Monday I went out to mow my lawn before the rain moved in later in the week. Well I got the mower going (but it was hard to start) and started mowing. Just afew minutes in my lawn mower quit!! Not good. Well I went online and did some research and figured out what the problem was. I had run out of oil and the motor had seized up. dumb! Then I remembered back to the start of the mowing season. I was nearing the end of my first semester of classes, gearing up for the Horicon Marsh Bird Festival and it was a cold rainy spring. So when I found a time it wasn’t raining and I wasn’t in class I went out to mow. That was an adventure in itself. See my post Good Neighbors are a Gift. 🙂 So it seems that in the rush I forgot to check the oil level before I started mowing and I paid for it last Monday. But in my research it looked like I would be able to fix it myself. Being a student my funds are squeaky tight so no repairmen. I needed to remove the spark plug, drain the remaining oil, make sure the gas tank was empty and then spray with WD-40 on the frozen motor and piston. Since I was going out to mow my lawn I had just topped off my gas tank, that means I had a full tank. The directions said to run the mower till the tank was dry, the problem was my mower wouldn’t run. I had to find another way to get the gas out of the tank. I thought about tipping the mower on its side to drain the gas but I was thinking that would be too messy. Being a cook I thought of something that would suction up the gas out of the tank so I could move it into the gas can, Turkey baster. I went trotting out to Walmart and found a cheap turkey baster, actually I only had the one to choose from. So I sat down and stuck the turkey baster into the mower tank to start suctioning up the gas.
NOTE to Self…squeeze the bulb at the end of the baster BEFORE you put it into the mower tank otherwise you blow a big air bubble into the mower tank. messy. ha ha
I was able to suction up the gas a bit at a time and squirt it into the gas can. I got down to the last little bit and sucked up that last little bit of gas and went to squirt it into the gas can and the when I squeezed the bulb to expel the gas the plastic tube came off the bulb and dropped into the gas can. sigh Since the tank was pretty much “dry” I didn’t have to suck up any more gas and I decided I would leave the plastic tube in the gas can until I had used up the gas and could fuss with it to get it out of the gas can. (long plastic tube + 2″ diameter opening in 5 gallon gas can = cussing to get it out)
I did get the oil drained and sprayed WD-40 on the frozen motor. Let it sit, resprayed, sit, resprayed, sit and then reassembled the mower. This whole process took till Friday. But I did get the mower going again. I got my lawn mowed and the rain moved in last night. Success!!!!!
Any home repair requires two things. First good instructions on what you need to do. Second is a sense of humor.


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