changes ever changes

When I started classes last spring the online section of the courses was called e-college. I had pretty much mastered e-college by the end of the semester. I still had the same system for my two summer classes then for the fall classes they changed to a new system called Canvas. Sigh that seems to happen a lot don’t you think? About the time you get use to a specific system whether it is for email, work, school, computer they come out with a new and improved system and you get to learn the whole thing all over again. 🙂 Last spring the instructors had given us a heads up that this change was coming down the pike. I got smart and when they offered an afternoon one time training class for the new system at the end of the spring semester I signed up for it. So I had an idea when they rolled it out where to go on the new system. But like any new system there are still bugs for the student and the instructor to find and work out.
I have had fun over the past couple of weeks getting back into the swing of classes. I am working part time which adds to the mix. The first week I had to keep reminding myself to “Don’t forget you have class today” ha ha But I have gotten into the rhythm again.
I have some familiar faces in afew of my classes but most of them are new faces. And once again I am either the oldest or the next to oldest student in all of my classes. And yes I am older then most of my instructors too. And once again when I am writing my papers I don’t have to search for experiences but have to figure out which one to use. It also seems that some classes are subtlety geared towards the 20 somethings. Like my ethics class. We are doing ethic development and ethic thinking and it appears to be slightly geared towards those young folks who haven’t or are still developing that aspect of themselves. I started on those aspects 30+ years ago so I have a big lead over my fellow students it seems. And I have encountered more ethical situations then the others simply because I am so much older then the other students. This semester I am taking Ethics, Intro to Human Resources, Marketing Principles, Customer Service and Sociology. My Human Resources and my Ethics classes are accelerated 8 week classes. so they will get done in Oct then I start the Sociology class which will also be an accelerated class.
Well I am off to my Ethics class.


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