Man I needed that!

It hit Oct 1st and it suddenly hit me that I hadn’t posted to my blog in some time. oops. Time has simply gotten away from me. Right now I am taking 4 classes and two of them are accelerated classes so that has kept me very busy. The two accelerated classes are Ethics and Human Resources. All four classes have group projects so that just adds to the time disappearing. But I only have acouple more weeks with my two accelerated classes then I get a break of acouple of weeks then I start my third accelerated class at the end of Oct and that will run till Dec. The third accelerated class is Sociology. Then you throw into the mix my part time job and you blink and a week has pass. And suddenly it is October! ha ha
This semester I am not taking any computer classes but I am using a lot of the technology I learned last spring. There are a lot of power points and acouple of newsletters I have had to do for various assignments.
I finally had a free morning and it wasn’t blowing, raining or just bad weather so I got out and did some photography. I went up on the north end of the Horicon Marsh and went around the auto tour. On the auto tour is a floating boardwalk and I went out and walked it. My photography club has a big assignment for our Nov meeting. There is a list of 12 locations and we have had since Jan to go out and take photos at the locations. One of the locations is the boardwalk on the auto tour. And I am finally finding the time to get some of these done. The beauty of going out this past Sunday was that it was sunny and zero wind. This made the water flat calm. I got some awesome reflection photos along the boardwalk. Some of them are almost an optical illusion. Hard to tell what is up and what is down. But more importantly I simply needed that me time to just mellow out and distress. It always recharges my batteries, relieves my stress and just plain makes me feel better getting out in mother nature especially on the marsh. And then to get such great photos on top of it all is just icing on the cake.
Here are several of my favorites reflections from Sunday.

My photography club will have an exhibition at the Seippel Center for the Arts in Jan and can each do up to 5 photos. I did have 5 picked out but I think I am going to switch out acouple of them for some of these reflection photos.
I hope to post more frequently in the future. 🙂
Enjoy the photos and I will update you on the classes in my next posting.


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