Ooops Did it again.

In my last posting I said I would post about my classes in a couple of days. Ooops that was 9 days ago. I really am trying to post more frequently. 🙂
Ok now about my classes. I think I have mentioned before that this semester my classes are abit goofy. I have two classes that are regular classes (runs the entire semester and are traditional type class), then I had two accelerated classes that went from the beginning of the semester till mid October, one of which was a video class (two locations connected by large screen videos). Then my fifth class is also an accelerated class and is also a video conference class but it will run from the end of Oct till the end of the semester.
The Monday class is my Customer Service class. This is a small class this semester (like 6 students) and we have a semester group project and since it is a small class the entire class is the group. And during the first group meeting no one stepped up to be the team leader so I just stepped into those shoes again. But the class overall has been a slower paced class so the homework has been fairly light which has been nice.
The Tuesday class is my Intro to Human Resources. This is my first accelerated class and was in the evenings plus the last class is this Tuesday. I did have several group projects and we did ok on those projects. Our last group project was that we had to do a Jeopardy game based on 12 categories of HR. Since we had three women in my group we just divided up the questions (5 per category) into four categories each. We lost points cause we made the questions too hard on a lot of them. oh well. We found the template online at Wolf Science. I have one last PowerPoint presentation to do. I hope I get a high score so I can get the grade I want in there. I am making the PP more animated plus am using a lot of my photos as background on the slides.
Wed is my Marketing class. This is one class with a lot of homework. Each week I normally have two quizzes, journal entry or written assignment, simulation exercise and several in class discussion questions to prep for. (we get points for in class participation and you want those points) So each week I have at least 6-10 hours homework for that class plus work for our group project.
Friday was my Ethics class. This was my second accelerated class. My last class was yesterday. This class didn’t have a lot of assignments (just one per week) but the assignments we got did require a lot of thinking and researching and writing. I ended up with an A in the class so I am very happy.
My last class is Sociology which doesn’t start until Oct 30th. This will give me a week or two breathing room between my first two accelerated classes and the final accelerated class.
So right now my classes are going well and I am happy. I will be less stressed once I get my final grade for HR. Working hard for that A.
I was able to get out again this morning and did abit of photography. I seem to be having a lot of fun with water, light and shadows, reflections and fall colors this fall. The featured image on the top of this posting is one I took this morning. So enjoy. It is a detail on a fountain in front of our Historical Society Museum.


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