End of the line is closer

Well it is time to figure out my spring schedule for school. And this will be the last semester at Moraine Park Tech College so end of the line for my associates degree in in sight. (registration for spring classes in November 4th) Since I got shut out of one of my classes this fall I am going to have to take it in the spring. My game plan is to graduate with my associates degree this May. Whew. It seems like just last month I was nervously walking into my first class. but I am sooooooo proud of what I have accomplished so far. Going back to college, learning how to turn on an IPad :), how to create a blog, how to use e-college and how to create a powerpoint. With this heavy course load this spring it could knock me off my 4.0 GPA pace, that just means I will have to work harder. I don’t see alot of free time for me between Jan and May. ha ha.
It looks like I will have to take 6 classes
Business Law
Business Communication (this is the one I got shut out of this fall)
Integrated Marketing Communication
Business Practice Firm
Principles of Management
Business Decision Making

And of course none of these classes are accelerated so it will be the full semester for all classes. And I will most likely have to take three of the classes online. I have to take the Business Practice Firm in class. Then my Integrated Marketing and Principles of Management I have heard there are big group projects so will probably want to take those as traditional classes. The other three will be the online classes. I will be very busy this spring. And to just up the pressure I will be doing my Horicon Marsh Bird Festival in May. It is the week before graduation. I may not be sleeping a lot in May. ha ha
I am also going to be applying to Marian University within the next couple of months. Have to do all the college transfers again. I also want to go up and do a campus tour and talk to an adviser and Healthcare Admin people.
But in the mean time I have acouple of weeks of abit slower homework before my sociology class starts. But I was just looking at the class sociology syllabus and see I now I have a couple of assignments for the first class. Planning on going out and doing some photography. It looks like this may be my last down time till December. And December will be my last down time till May. ha ha.
I just have to keep the end goal in the back of my mind and I can do this. All of this will pay off when I get that better paying job.


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