Now that is scary

Last night I had my first Sociology class. It is going to be a very accelerated class, it is a total of 6 classes. And we will have a group paper, two presentations and couple of individual papers and other homework. Oh my, I am off and running with that class.
But when I got out of class it was starting to sprinkle out. During the night the rain changed over to snow. So this morning when I got up most of the stuff on the grass had melted but there was still a nice layer of SNOW on my car (like a half inch). Happy Halloween with snow. Scary. I am still not ready for winter so this was abit rude this morning. On the plus side it should all be gone by noon. Not cold enough for it to stay. The ground won’t be that cold until around Thanksgiving. That is only afew week away. Evil white stuff. I will definitely be cussing it by the time Feb rolls around. Usually by Feb I am tired of snowblowing my driveway and sidewalks. I will continue to snowblow my sidewalks cause I have to but by Feb I usually snowblow my driveway only when I can’t get in with my 4 wheel drive car. 🙂 I did get my lawn mowed for the last time last weekend. So I am feeling good about that.
As I have mentioned before I should graduate with my Associates degree in Business Management this coming May. Then I want to transfer to a 4 year college to get my bachelors degree. I have to find a college which has the major I want and that I can use my VA benefits with and one that has hopefully a transfer agreement with my technical college. I think I have found two so I will compare and make my decision. It looks like I will be doing my last two years totally ONLINE. Wow I am looking at doing my last two years totally online. I keep saying that over and over because this is mind boggling to me. One year ago I was was looking at starting my college return trip and was abit nervous about the going back to college because I knew it was alot of computer work with e-college. I mean before I started back to college last spring the last time I was in college there was NO internet!! Now I am looking at doing it totally online. What a change!!!
Short and sweet posting. The picture at the top is one I took acouple of weeks back of the Jaeger Rye Mill south of town about 20 minutes.


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