3 Evil Words

This week has been an interesting week. I signed up for my classes for the spring semester. I did get all 6 classes I wanted. Business Law, Business Communications, Integrated Marketing Communication, Business Decision Making, Principles of Management and Business Practice Firm. I am going to be one busy person starting in Jan. Three of the classes are traditional classes (meet face to face in a classroom) and the other three are online classes. So that was good.
Then I received an invitation to join Phi Theta Kappa, which is an honor society for those in a community college. You have to have at least a 3.5 GPA and so many college hours and you have to be invited to join. So I have joined. All my hard work to maintain my high GPA has paid off. 🙂
I have also figured out which 4 year college I can transfer to that will keep my VA benefits paying my tuition, has my major online and is certified to meet the VA requirements and that has a transfer agreement with Moraine Park. Took abit of back and forth and digging through various websites to confirm all the info I needed.
I was sitting here watching the Weather Channel this morning and they said 3 evil words I wasn’t quite ready to hear: Polar Vortex and Snow!!! I know November is a transitional blah month here in Wisconsin. The color is gone from the trees and they are bare. Temps are dropping and the Halloween decorations are down and the holiday lights aren’t up yet. Days are shorter and Daylight Savings Time has kicked in. sigh So things are chilly (and getting cooler), grey and dark. The only saving thing to the month is Thanksgiving. 🙂 Normally the first big snowfall is not until early December. The first snow that stays on the ground is usually within a week of Thanksgiving. The ground is not cold enough to keep the snow from melting till then. But the forecast is saying a big Polar Vortex is suppose to move in starting Sunday. Then tropical moisture is being pumped north and the result is SNOW. They are saying, as of right now, 3-6 inches on Monday. cuss I am not ready for this since I just mowed my lawn for the last time only acouple of weeks ago. Well it is still several days away and the path my change so we shall see what happens on Monday. Since this is going to be the first snowstorm it could get messy out. Everyone has to learn how to drive in snow all over again, they forget they have to use slower speed and take longer to stop. I just take the attitude everyone else on the road doesn’t have a clue and drive accordingly. We shall see what happens for my Monday class. Just need to find my snow shovels and get them out. Soooooo not ready for that.


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