January in November

I don’t know what happened. One day it was typical early November weather in the 40s then acouple of days later I was stuck in a January deep freeze and we are still in it acouple of weeks later. Our temps have been consistently about 15 degrees below normal for November for the last two weeks. Traditionally our first snowfall that actually sticks and stays more then 24 hours is about Thanksgiving week or the week after. And it is usually only a light dusting that only sticks on the edges of the sidewalk. But we got our first snowfall of about an inch last week and another half inch or so this week. That was about 2 weeks early. And in the northern part of the state acouple of places got about 4 feet of snow!!!!
I have also been listening to the Weather Channel while doing my homework and I have heard several references to the 1970s. Worst storm since 1977, the coldest since 1970 something etc. This is sooooooo not what I want to hear. You see I lived in Northern Illinois in the 1970s out in the country and those were some of the worst winters I have ever experienced. It was record setting winters. In 1978-1979 the winter was especially bad. In Jan 1979 I had school on 22 days that month but I was only able to make it to school 6 of those days. I was snowbound the rest of the time. Yes we had snow drifts head high. Our area was looking to be declared a natural disaster area. A friend of our family was taking the official around showing him the results of the big storm so we could get the declaration and the official said it was like Mother Nature had painted a bulls-eye on the map and our township was the center of the bulls-eye. Yeah it was bad. So to hear weather forecasters making references to it hasn’t been this bad since….. or this is like the storm of 1977…..doesn’t bode well.
In Northern ILL we had two severe winters, 1976-1977, 1977-1978 then we got hit with a record setting winter with 1978-1979. We didn’t have one blizzard that winter but several. So when the weather people start referencing those years I start worry. The big one was in Jan 1979 and you can google the Chicago blizzard of 1979. (we lived about 60 miles west of Chicago out in the country) The normal snowfall was about 38 inches but that winter we got over 89 inches. So when it melted yes we had some flooding. So many memories.
The temp tonight is suppose to get down to -3. Yes that is 3 degrees below zero. We should not be hitting that temp till January. I had to dig out my winter gear and winter coat.
I am just glad I am not living in western New York state as they are getting the perfect storm setup for lake effect snow.
We shall see what Mother Nature throws at us over the next couple of months. We shall survive and it will make spring sooooo much sweeter.
On the plus side I am not distracted with wanting to be outside doing yardwork or photography so I have time to do all my homework. It is only afew more weeks till the end of the semester and alot of the group projects are in the final stages.
Stay warm out there. 🙂


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