Here, There and Everywhere

The idea of this entire posting started when I was working on my group paper. My college does alot of group projects in most classes. Doing a power point in a group is one thing but trying to write an 8-10 page paper on one subject and 6 authors…can we say challenging? 🙂 Well our group paper for my Sociology class is the ecological footprint of various social issues/class. Our group choose technology in education in 1980 and in 2014. Now I am in my mid 50s and it is not my first time going to college. The first time was in 1980 so I remember what it was like then and now. This got me thinking and remembering about what technology was like in 1980 and where it is now. In 1980 for me cutting edge technology was a scientific calculator, electronic typewriter and VCRs. At this time in the early 1980s if you didn’t own a VCR you could go to the video store and rent one and a bunch of videos. And yes I did that more then once. Now here I am writing a blog on a laptop computer while channel surfing a large number of tv channels to see what sounds interesting. Wow how far have we come. Computers were huge bulky things kept in large rooms with alot of air conditioning (brrrrrrr) and terminals in another room (which was also chilly). You did computer programming with computer cards and Windows wasn’t even invented yet. A portable computer was about 30 lbs and measured around 7″ high by 18″long and 18″ wide and you put the phone handset into a cushioned cradle. Tied up the phone line for hours. Oh yeah the screen was only 5×7. Now you can have a tablet the size of that screen.
Now I come to the point of this blog. As I said back in 1980 the idea of writing a blog that could be read by people around the world wasn’t even imagined. For fun I decided to see how far reaching my blog was. And just in the month of November I have had people from 15 countries, 8 states and 17 unknown locations. I just find this sooooooo amazing. Here I am writing this in Wisconsin and I will have people from around the world read this. This is globalization on a personal scale. That is so cool. 🙂
Some people may find this aspect normal since they grew up with the global reach of the internet but for someone who was in college at the start of the personal computer age and the internet it is simply mind boggling. This is what I mean by here, there and everywhere. The people who are reading my blog are here in the midwest, there in other parts of the US and Canada and everywhere as in globally.
When I sit down and really think about how much technology has changed in my personal life over the past 35 years I wonder where it will be in another 25 years. Something fun to think about.


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