Mad Dash

The last couple of weeks of classes for the semester is always a mad dash. For the last two weeks I have, of course, all three of my classes during both weeks. But for each class I have at least one group project.
Customer Service- my team, and I am the team leader for this group, has to complete the team power point. And we are also writing a customer service manual for a made up business. We have to turn in the manual on Monday and present the matching power point also on Monday. So am trying to get the manual from the team member who is doing the formatting. Then I can do a final review before submitting it. And I am also trying to get the power point from one team member so I can do the final review before I send it out to the team members. They need it so they can make notes for their slides for the presentation. Everyone on the team has to present several slides, the presentation has to be at least 15 minutes long. This group is my biggest challenge. 🙂
Marketing- my team (no I am not the leader) in this class has been working on a semester project also. It is a two part project. We have to write a marketing plan for a business and do a matching power point. The power point has to be a minimum of 15-20 minutes long. I just got done doing the final tweeks on both the power point and paper and have sent it out to my team members. The paper is about 20 pages long and the final version was also completed and sent out to the team members. So that is OFF MY PLATE. I just have to print out copies for the instructor.
Sociology- I have the last class tonight and we have a major lineup for class. There are 4 groups over three campuses for this class. (it is a video conference class) Each team has to present a webquest power point that is to be 5-10 minutes long. Present an oral presentation that is suppose to be 5-10 minutes long. And then we completed the group paper (min of 10 pages) and submitted it last week. We now have to present the matching power point tonight. That is suppose to be 20 minutes long. So we finalized the power point last night. Got my part printed out. Writing a paper that is 10 pages long with 6 contributors is a challenge.
So the finish line of this mad dash is in sight. Just have to complete the customer service stuff and we are golden. And of course all these group projects are high in the point value so they can ruin your grade if you screw it up.
And what takes the longest?????? All the proof reading, tweeking and fussing with the last details.


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