There is a table top under there

When you are buried in homework housework slips down the list of things that need to be done. That being said I will admit that my house was in sad shape a couple of weeks back when the fall semester finally ended. So over the past several days I dug out some Christmas decorations and started to clean up. I did several loads of laundry and cleaned the bathroom on Monday. I smile every time I walk in the bathroom. 🙂
Then today, since I didn’t go anywhere for Christmas, I did the usual Christmas morning routine, opening presents, sleeping in and being lazy. But by noon I was getting antsy so I looked around and settled on my next cleaning project. I grabbed a box, tall kitchen can I use for recycling and my regular trashcan. I had stacked magazines and catalogs and loose paper stacked up on my coffee table and notebooks/papers etc on a small table next to my chair. The magazines were stacked about 18″ high in two stacks. So I sorted through the magazines, tore out address labels and put them in the recycling trash bin. By the time I was done I had filled up the trash can to within 6″ of the top. Then I hauled the can out to the recycling trashcan outside. That puppy was heavy. 🙂 But at the end I found tabletop!!!!! WOW.
My next project is the kitchen table. You know, the first and most common dumping spot in any house. ha ha And then do a couple of small repairs around the house. Plus sort through some of my old clothes for donation by end of the year. Need the tax break for my taxes.
I also need to matte and frame two photos for my photo club. My photography club meets once a month at the Seippel Center for the Arts and we have a wall for display purposes in the room we meet in. But we try and rotate the photos out so the wall is changed on a regular basis. I need to change out my two photos for two new ones next week.
It is such a great feeling when you get things cleaned up.
As a side note. The featured image at the top of this posting was taken on the Platte River in Nebraska during the Sandhill Crane migration in March. So almost all of those birds on the river and coming in are sandhill cranes.


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