It’s baaaaaaack

Well it’s back. WINTER!!
We had a nice warm December. Which was a weird but a nice change for December in Wisconsin. I knew it couldn’t last but was hoping it would last just alittle bit longer. No such luck. 😦
We had temps around 32 degrees yesterday and we started off today at 28 degrees. We did get an inch or so of snow Friday night then we got another inch or so last night. Our last snowfall was back in November. We only got rain in December. Then the temps started dropping this afternoon. We are now at 7 with a wind chill of -9. The temp tonight is suppose to drop down to -11 with wind chills between -20 to -30 below. Yes those are negative signs in front of the temp. brrrrr Then it is suppose to stay in the single digits for the rest of the week. Then we are suppose to get afew more inches of snow tomorrow night.
So Yes winter has returned.
Time to get out the heavy duty lap rug and put on the flannel sheets.
Just checked and the temp just dropped another 3 degrees in the past 45 minutes. sigh now down to 4 degrees and a wind chill of -11.


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