Here we go again

I started the spring semester last week. It will be my last semester at Moraine Park since, if all goes according to plan, I will graduate this May.
I am taking 6 classes this semester and three of them are online.
Business Law- online
Business Communication-online
Business Decision Making- online
Business Practice
Integrated Marketing
Principles of Management
Last week I started classes and am figuring out the rhythm of the classes. Each teacher is different so have to find that pattern. Some teachers are not overly clear in the instructions which adds to the challenge. One class says I have to post to the discussions more then once and on non consecutive days. It didn’t say I had to post to the same discussion on more then one day. Discussion was plural in the instructions. But I guess I was suppose to understand what the teacher meant rather then what was written. 🙂 Two of the instructors I have had in past semesters but the rest are new. The trick is finding out how each instructor thinks and then doing what you need to do to meet their expectations even if that is not how you normally operate. .Just like when you are working and you have to figure out how your boss thinks and reading between the lines so you can get your job done and done well. So I ended up spending the entire weekend doing homework.
In my face to face classes I have alot of classmates I have had in other classes so it was abit of old homeweek.
Yes I am going to be a very busy beaver for the next few months. And if that isn’t enough to keep me out of trouble I am adding in the Horicon Marsh Bird Festival in May, working part time and I want to get out and do some photography. Plus applying for my admission to another college to complete my bachelors.
On the plus side it has been a fairly mild winter (if you forget about mid Nov to mid Dec cold snap). We haven’t had alot of snow so it is a nice change from last winter. Of course as soon as I said that it starts snowing. ha ha
As a side note about the photo at the top of this posting. I took this several years ago at the Horicon Marsh Bird Festival. And on the last day the temp took a dive and it was rainy and windy. This little boy was cold so dad gave him a nice warm flannel shirt to wear. Then the boy just looked like a walking shirt going across the parking lot. Laughed so hard but had to snap a fast shot.


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