So close yet so far

It is the final semester at Moraine Park Tech College. May seems sooooo far away especially with it being so cold out. But it is only 10 weeks till graduation.
So this semester is pretty crazy. Hit the ground running was the theme for the start of this semester.
I have an integrated marketing plan project for my Integrated Market class, several more tests in Business Law, numerous presentations in my Principles of Management, the Glo-bus simulation in Business Decision Making and the big Library Project in Business Practice Firm.
And to make my life even more interesting I am prepping for Horion Marsh Bird Festial in May. And in my spare time I eat and sleep. ha ha
But for Wisconsin we are having a mild winter. Not alot of snow just cold temps so I haven’t had to worry about alot of shoveling or snowblowing.

Well to make my weekend complete I am battling a head cold. I have had to crank the sound up on my tv. Either the sound is going bad on my tv (it is an older tv) or my ears or plugged up. I am hoping it is my ears cause I really can’t afford to buy a new tv. (I wrote that several days ago and it was my ears. Acouple days ago I turned on the tv and realized it was too loud. :))
I am trying to write a short paper but with my head being stuffed up it is abit choppy and is not flowing well. But then my thinking is abit choppy. πŸ™‚
I got most of the paper written and since it isn’t due till Tuesday I can let it sit overnight and polish it up tomorrow. I can tell I am on the downward slide of the head cold so I will feel more like myself tomorrow.
My big project this semester is in Business Practice Firm and that is the library project. Instead of doing a job internship I am doing a class internship. As a group my class of 7 is doing a multi faced project for our Public Library. They are celebrating their 30th anniversery this April in their current location. The Beaver Dam Public Library is actually 135 years old. They were one if not the first public library to have open stacks to the public. We are sorting old photos, scanning them in and loading them into a public database. We are doing the same with cemetary records as well as putting together marketing, displays and afew events for the anniversary celebration.
Being a photographer I am enjoying going through alot of the old photos. I have picked out afew location photos from around town and I am going to go out in the next several days and take new pics of the locations. We are doing a Then and Now theme for the library anniversary.
Spring break is in acouple of weeks. I am hoping I can take a day or maybe two and get out and try and do some nature photography. I simply haven’t had time since school started back up this semester.
You just don’t realize how busy you are until you try and find time to get in a favorite hobby. πŸ™‚


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