Spring break is here

I can’t believe I am half way through my last semester at Moraine Park. I haven’t posted as much to my blog as I have wanted to but in taking 6 classes I have been a weeeeee bit busy with homework. 🙂 The down side of that I haven’t gotten out to do much photography, at least in my perferred genre of nature photography. One class I have this semester is my Business Practice Firm. This is a type of internship class you take in your last semester. I think I have mentioned that my class (of 7 people) are working with our local community library. They are celebrating two anniversaries this April. 30 years in their current building but also 130 years in Beaver Dam. Part of the project has been sorting through historic photos they had in some cabinets. We also got some photos from the historical society. We decided the theme for the celebrations would be Then and Now. Being a photographer I took this challenge to heart. I gathered up some historic photos of the library and the town and with the help of some long term residents I did a then and now photo series. So instead of doing the weekly photo challange I thought I would share afew of the then and now pics. The challenge with some is that the buildings have changed so drastically it was tough to pinpoint the location. I used alot of small architechtual details to pinpoint. (edging along the top of buildings for example)

The first pic was taken around 1900 (the building in back was built in 1891) The building to the left was the train station and the two story building was the Williams Free Library.

The pic on the left was taken in the 20s. This was the Newton Lodge and is now Hefron House.

And lastly here is a view of downtown Beaver Dam. The first pic was taken in the late 40s or early 50s.


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