100th post

I started this blog just over a year ago and have hit my 100th post. I started this blog as a class assignment but I enjoyed it so much I decided to keep on blogging. I was writing alot about the adventures of returning to school at the age of 52. Man had things changed!!!! The last time I had been in college the internet didn’t even exist! It was an adventure all right. I started my return to college career back in January 2014 and have graduated in May 2015 with an associates degree. And I will graduate with high honors!!! (I was able to have a 4.0 GPA) I am soooo proud and amazed at myself. Old dogs can learn new tricks ha ha.
Over the past few months I have gotten so busy with classes that I haven’t had time to WRITE new posts. I was able to do the weekly photo challenges, usually. Man I have to get out and so some more photography. I need some new stuff. 🙂
It seems appropriate that my 100th post falls on the day I graduate from Moraine Park Technical College with a 4.0 GPA!!!! (I wrote this on Saturday)
Now it is on to the second half of my journey. Later on this summer I should start with Upper Iowa University to get my bachelors degree in Health Care Management.
The challenge I am facing right now is all the free time I have on my hands. Major readjustment. You are going at warp factor 10 to get your homework done, club meetings and all the other stuff you need to get done, like laundry. Then you suddenly cut out the homework which took up a majority of time and you suddenly have alot of free time. I keep going to my laptop thinking I need to do something but I don’t. About the time I get use to the new pace it will be time to start up classes again. ha ha
Time to celebrate.


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