so we begin again

I just realized I hadn’t posted to my blog in acouple of weeks. I have been busy over the past couple of weeks ordering my class books, prepping for class, attending orientation and visiting my mother. I started my classes with Upper Iowa University this week. This is the second half of my plan in getting my bachelors degree. I got my associates degree in May. With UIU the term or semester is not 16 weeks long but 8 weeks. So you are allowed to take a max of two classes per term. And there are a total of 6 terms per year. No winter, spring or summer breaks for the next year and half, a term will end on a Friday and the next term starts the following Monday.
This summer I am taking Stats and English Comp 2. English is an online class but for stats I am taking it in person at the Madison campus. This means I have to drive an hour to class and an hour home but it will be only for 8 weeks. All my other classes will be online. That will be nice this winter. I can sit at home and not worry about driving on icy, snowy or nasty roads if I choose to. But I will have to make it a point of getting out of the house at least several times a week just so I don’t get housebound.
For my English class one of my first assignments is that I have to write a paper about a childhood memory. When you are in your 50s alot of those memories have faded into the mists of time. The only memories that are left are the truly memorable ones. ha ha I decided to write about the time when I was 7 years old and made the decision to ride my bike down a steep hill. My brakes failed and I ended up making the decision to face plant myself into a long needled pine. It was either that or running myself off a 15 foot drop off. I survived with alot of small punctures but I ended up killing the pine tree. I hit it hard enough that I knocked it about 15-20 degrees off center. My family had a tradition of buying living Christmas trees and then planting them in our yard. This one was the one we had planted after that previous Christmas. And to make the memory complete my mother was in the house watching this entire event unfold from the living room windows. It wasn’t the first or the last grey hairs I gave her. The interesting thing about my English class is the introduction discussion. The students write an intro telling about themselves. This is truly an online class with a university that has locations all over. I have students in my online class from WI, IA, KS and FL. I am use to my fellow online students all being from Wisconsin like at Moraine Park online classes. And a majority of my English class appear to be current or former military. In my stats class I am glad I took my advisor’s advice and am taking the class in person. Trying to take this class online would just frustrate me to no end.
So it begins well but we shall see how it ends. I am dealing with a different grading system, new instructors and a new university. So we begin again.


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