Dilemas of a Fashionista

I am taking an English Comp class this summer. In writing various papers I created one that was not an assignment. I started with a woman buying shoes and then what caused her to buy shoes. And it became this short paper. I thought I would share. Alot of women will relate. 🙂

The Dilemmas of a Fashionista
The decisions begin with a cream colored envelope arriving with the mail.
Upon opening I discover an invite for husband and wife to a special event.
Who will be there? How much do I want to impress them? Do I want to dazzle them or do I want to be chic or be professional? The audience dictates the dress choice. What do we wear? I know he will wear his suit. Should my dress be short or long, full or slim line, frilly or sedate? What color would look good on me or should I go for matching my husband suit? Wait there is that dress I haven’t worn before that would work but I don’t have shoes to go with the dress.

Should it be high heels, low heels, flats, casual, dressy? Open toe, sling backs or mules. With sparkles or plain or dyed to match. Should the color be the same or different. Contrast or in the same color palate? Should they have a bit of frou frou And what about budget? How much are we willing to spend on the shoes? Should I get them in a store or order them online? If I order them online and they don’t work would I still have time to get another pair? Maybe I should get two pair. The one pair I really want from the online store but also buy the other pair that is almost perfect as an emergency backup in case the online pair are wrong or don’t show up in time.
Now that I have the shoes to go with the dress I have to decide on accessories. Now should I do earrings and a necklace or just one alone? Do I wear my hair up or down? If I wear it up I need earrings but does the dress need earrings or just a necklace? If down then do I want to do a special braid or a fashionable chignon? Maybe curls? But would curls be too much with the dress? Maybe just pulled back with sparkly clips but then if I have clips do I need earrings? And which necklace would work best with the dress.
And do I take a purse, clutch or just slip something into a pocket? Does the dress have a pocket? If I need a pocket maybe I should wear this other dress. But then I would have to wear a different shoe.
What about a wrap or a coat? Are we driving or taking a taxi? Is there snow on the ground? How far will I be walking?
Men have it so easy. My husband will just choose black or brown shoes or sneakers. (black tie is black shoe, dressy but not black tie is brown and casual is sneakers). He will just pull out that suit he has in the back of his closet that is only for weddings, funerals and mandatory tie events. Keeps life simple and stress free.
I look at my husband and ask “I think I’ve got it. What do you think?”
With a slightly panicked look he reaches for the invite.
Hubby rereads the invite for time and place and thinks with alarm “Do I tell her now or get out the wine and tell her over a glass? Is it too late to return the online shoe order? The date says it was held last week.”


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