What do you mean it is almost December?!?!

Tuesday is December 1st!!! How did that happen? I just realized that I haven’t posted a school update in quite some time. sigh Time has gotten away from me.
Ok let’s see. I believe I posted that I had graduated from Moraine Park with a 4.0 GPA in my associates degree in Business Management last May. I had a few weeks off then started the second half of my school path. I started at Upper Iowa University at the end of June. The terms are only 8 weeks long so are very accelerated. For the summer term I did one class online and the second class I went down to the west side of Madison to the satellite campus. This is an hours drive for me but I lucked out and had good driving almost all of the nights. The class was in the evening so it was daylight when I went down and night when I returned. Just had to deal with traffic and road construction delays on the return trip (they closed lanes on the interstate after 9pm so they could work on the roadway). But the last night it STORMED!!!!! About 10 minutes before class ended the skys opened up and the rain just dumped. I tried to wait it out but it didn’t let up so made a run for the car and got soaked. Fortunately I keep a spare polar fleece jacket in my car so was able to take off my sopping wet tee and put on the jacket. Much more comfortable. But the drive home was a scary, hairy, nerve wracking white knuckle drive. The speed limit on the roads was 55-65 mph and people were driving about 30-35mph with flashers on. Took me 1 1/2 hours to get home that night. But I ended up getting A’s in both my classes. I had taken English Comp II online and Statistics on campus.
I only had couple of days off before the next term started. This time both classes were online and I took Critical Thinking and Introduction to Health Management. I enjoyed the health class but critical thinking was a challenge. The challenge was not the subject matter but the instructor. She was very hung up on APA formatting on the papers and discussion posts. It was more of a research paper writing class then a critical thinking class. It seems to the instructor that the APA format style I learned 40 years ago and had used throughout my entire college career was not correct. Nor was the formatting style that was in Microsoft word correct. I ended up with a B in that class. Oh well. (got an A in my health class)
Then I began my term 2 in Mid October. In this case I am taking Population Health and Intro to computers. I have two weeks left in those classes. Am enjoying the health class. Computer is just another computer class. As long as I don’t hose it in the next two weeks I should pull two more A’s. Then I get afew weeks off before I start the next term in January.
If all goes according to plan I should be done with classes by the end of next October I should graduate with my Bachelor’s degree in Health Services Management. Then I can start job hunting. The end is in sight. 10 months left. OMG!! Hard to believe I was nervous about going back to school at the age of 52. I have proven I do still have it left in me. And having my VA benefits available to access has helped me so much.


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