Happy New Year

I dare you to have a Happy New Year!
Well I double dog dare you to have a Happy New Year!!!

A new year begins again.
In looking back to 2015 I realize I accomplished alot in one year. I graduated from Moraine Park Tech College with an Associates in Business Management and with a 4.0 GPA. (Happy Dance!) I started at Upper Iowa University to complete my Bachelors degree in Health Care Management. I completed several terms at UIU and got all A’s, except for the one B+ in critical thinking. These two things were major accomplishments for an older adult like me. 🙂 The saying is true that you can teach an old dog new tricks.
I look forward to 2016 to bring me favorable results in my endeavors too. At least I will strive to make this happen just like I made it happen in 2015. I hope to graduate from college this fall and then get a job. But before then I have to complete the remaining classes, make it through the winter (and spring and summer), work the 2016 Horicon Marsh Bird Festival, get out and do more photography and get together with my family and friends.
I wish one and all a Happy New Year and may the year bring you all sorts of joy!


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