Weekly Photo Challenge: Tour Guide

Tour guide- a person to take you on a trip to show you the highlights of specific location. Hmmmm I could do a tour guide theme for several locations where I have done photography. Newfoundland, South Dakota, Yellowstone, Gulf Shores Alabama or Horicon Marsh WI. For this week I think I will do Horicon Marsh. One of my favorite locations.

Horicon Marsh is the largest cattail marsh in North America. It is a Globally Important Bird Area and very important for migrating birds along the Mississippi flyway. It is 32,000 acres located in south-central Wisconsin. There are various roads in and around the marsh where you can view the landscape as well as the wildlife. The northern 2/3 of the marsh is a National Wildlife Refuge. The southern 1/3 is a State Wildlife area. Over 305 species of birds have been found on the marsh. And has become a magnet for birders as various rare species show up. (can cause traffic jams). It is also home to a large nesting colony of American White Pelicans. (top right photo) And in the fall you can get 100,000 to over 200,000 migrating Canada Geese as well as various ducks.
So here are some photos attempting to show you the various aspects of the marsh. There are many sides to the marsh. (birds, wildlife, flowers, insects, plant life and weather)
enjoy. And if you are ever in Wisconsin and like nature photography take a trip to the Horicon Marsh.


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