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I am 52 years old an have returned to college. So this is a new adventure for me. This blog follows some of the adventures of returning to college after being gone for 20 years. I am also a wildlife and nature photographer and the photos on the blog are all mine.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twisted

Twisted trees, twists in the fence, twisted roads and dead twisted branches.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Liquid

Liquid can be a lake, the ocean, a river, raindrops or dew drops. I love how raindrops, splashing of a fountain or dewdrops reflect the light. And sometimes if you look closely enough you can see clouds reflects in raindrops on a flower petal.

Weekly Photo challenge: Unlikely

Unlikely- the low possibility of something happening. This can cover such a wide range of things. But I am going with
Unlikely to last.
At times you are lucky enough to come across a scene that is beautiful but you know it won’t last. Snow delicately piled on top of a grass ear or branch or hoarfrost on a weed, frost on a clover flower, dewdrops on a spider web, leaf or flower. All will disappear as soon as a breeze starts or the sun evaporates the dew or melts the frost. It is unlikely it will last beyond that short time.
All these photos show such a unlikely situation.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Prolific

Prolific: in great abundance or number.
Looking up in a blue sky you could see thousands of snow geese passing overhead or pelicans kettling up. You could see a large number of cattails or a large number of birds flying over green cattails. Hay gathered up in a large number of round hay bales. You can see a large group of of various birds gathered on the beach. A large number of photographers all taking photos of each other. Gulls all splashing down along the seashore. Birders all lined up looking for a rare duck. Or dewdrops sparkling on a spider web. All can be prolific.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Awakening

Awakening. The act of waking from sleep or becoming into awareness or becoming aware of something.
Dawn heralds the new day and awakens all to greet the new day. Some do it with song, some are grumpy or in a fog. Others are just slow to greet the new day. Others like solitude or the quiet calm or the morning. Others wake up hungry. Then there are those who have too much caffeine intake to awak to the day.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Smile

You can approach this challenge in several ways. What makes you smile, animals smiling, people smiling or what has made others smile.
I am going to post some photos that as soon as I look at them make me smile. I smile because I can see the humour in the photo (see the caption on each to get an idea on my humourous viewpoint on the photo)
An explanation on acouple of those pics. The end of days (knife in pieces of paper with days of the week on them) My photoclub had a monthly theme called ‘End’ we had to photograph END. so I did a series like end of the line, making ends meet, odds and ends. This pic is end of days.
The kid in a big shirt. It was a cold, rainy and breezy day and the kid got cold so dad gave me a shirt from the truck. so all you saw was a walking shirt with a head.
In Virginia I went to a botanical garden and came upon a field with chairs all set up and NOONE around.
Boom Boom – I found this in an antique store. It was a body form with a dress made out of sheet music and shower scrubbies.
Enjoy and I hope these photos also make you smile.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Favorite place

Ok I have two favorite places. One is Horicon Marsh in Wisconsin but I did photos of the Horicon Marsh for the Tour photo challenge acouple of weeks ago. So I will do my other favorite place, Gulf Shores Alabama. Besides the warm weather when I go down in December for some time from Wisconsin it also has alot of other pluses. Enjoy the photos.

Weekly Photo Challenge: I rather be

What would I rather be doing. I would rather be in Alabama.
Here are some photos from past trips to alabama.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Out of this world

Ok taking a regular scene and making it out of this world.

fog can make anything otherworldly so the first three pics are in the fog.
Water can create other worldly scenes. The first water pic is of a horses head on the side of a fountain. The second water pic is melted frost on a web.
The pic of the three turkey vultures needs an explanation. Lake Delton in Wisconsin Dells flooded afew years back. In the process it washed out a road that crossed over and dammed a large gully that lead down to the Wisconsin River. Once the road washed out the lake totally drained into the Wisconsin River in a couple of hours. It left the lake drained. This is an otherworldly pic of the lake bottom and the three turkey vultures eating the dead fish.
The last pic is of Crazy Horse Mountain in the Black Hills of South Dakota. To celebrate the 70th birthday of the sculptors wife they set off 70 dynamite blasts at the same time. This created the other worldly fiery photo.