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Weekly Photo Challenge: Friend

A friend is someone who:
will hang out with you
encourages you to take those big steps
sing with you
make a place for you
join you in your activities
Dare you to try something (I dare you to go first. NO I dare you to go first)
they will go out with you and back you up

Weekly Photo Challenge: Evanescent

Evanescent: soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing.
In nature there are so many things that quickly disappear if you wait just a few minutes. A bird singing, a ray of light hitting a flower, shadows and a bird flying by. But for me something that can quickly disappear is dew drops or rain drops or frost on a plant. As soon as the sun hit that flower or leaf or spiderweb the dew or frost will disappear.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Heritage I

Heritage or what has been handed down from the past. This can be buildings, traditions, something inherited. This could be a tradition of military service in one family, or a tradition of being farmers or working the land. I choose to look at our heritage through our buildings. Old buildings show our heritage through old forts, barns, cathedrals and in others. Here are some photos of various buildings new and old.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth II

I was going through my most recent pics and came across these. I was driving down a rustic road in Wisconsin and spotted a tree that some local woodpeckers really had taken a liking to. The month before I spotted a different tree is a similar condition but it had come down in a storm so took pics of this tree.
In this part of Wisconsin we have Downy woodpeckers, yellowbellied sapsuckers, redbellied woodpeckers, red headed woodpeckers, hairy woodpeckers and the big pileated woodpeckers. I think the top holes (the big ones) may be the pileated.
What could represent earth better then the circle of life of a tree. Each part of it’s life provides needed items to others. As the life of the tree changes so does who uses the tree. These photos show just one cycle of it’s life.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

Just as our earth is a large planet the topic of earth can cover a wide variety of approaches. The color of earth, dirt, what grows in the earth, the wonders of the earth and so on. I enjoy the beauty that is our earth. the beauty can be found in a flock of birds flying over the cattails, fall trees, watching others capture the small details of our earth.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

for me surprise is when you see something you don’t expect. Like a lizard in a bird box, a dress made out of sheet music and scrubbies, a single red flower in a field of purple, a torture museum across the street from a wedding chapel, a tree frog clinging to the kitchen window or a robin nesting in your patio table.