Weekly Photo Challenge: Glow

The glow of a flower from the light behind it.
The glow of pride of a job well done
The glow of a sunrise with blue light.
The glow of motherly love.
The glow of light in fall woods.
The glow of an orange sunset.
The glow of holiday lights.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure

I could go in many different directions with this one. The structure in nature like trees and snow drifts. Or I could go with manmade structures like buildings and bridges. Or the structure of an insects wing. hmmmm maybe I need more then one post.
Well in this post I decided to go with manmade structures from barns to bridges to buttresses, they can all be beautiful

Weekly Photo Challenge: Oooh Shiney

Being a nature photographer my oooh shiney can cover a wide range of subjects. It can be a bird or animal who is in an unexpected place or doing something unusual/unexpected. But the one thing I will always try to capture and will spend alot of time doing it is the play of light on water. This could be in the splashing of water in a fountain or reflections in a flat calm water, the light on waves or the sun glittering on spiderwebs and dew. I can and have spent alot of time capturing and watching this interaction. Here are some of my favorite light/water photos. Or my ooooh shiney photos.

weekly photo challenge: textures

Taking a photo that portrays texture can be tough. But here are some photos that when you look at them you can almost feel the texture.
The rough texture of a palm truck.
The soft texture of a feather.
The crunchy texture of fall leaves.
The cracked texture of old paint on a weathered door.
The prickly texture of a rope.
The splintery texture of the log end.
The mix of textures of an old log next to dry moss.
The bumpy texture of a lightening struck tree trunk.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction

I am going to take a more personal slant on this challenge.

Satisfaction is when your team raises enough money for a community service project to buy two new laptops for the Sieppel Center Art Center to replace their outdated computers.
Satisfaction is finding a rare duck and a life bird (along with many other birders)
Satisfaction is when you find just the right tool to open that stuck jar lid. (hand strength, rubber twister, hot water or prying didn’t work)
Satisfaction is finding the right angle, light and subject for just the right photo. And sharing it with others. Or taking the photo of the others.
Satisfaction is finding the right place to drill that hole for the first day of ice fishing.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Unusual, the unexpected, things that make you take a double take. When I find something like that it I usually see humor in it. Here are some of my favorite unusual pics.
A torture museum across the street from a wedding chapel.
A dress made of shower scrubbies and sheet music.
A gosling eating a dandelion.
A walking shirt with a head. (cold rainy day)
A frog clinging to a kitchen window.
A field with empty chairs and no one around.
A single red flower in a field of purple.
A frog in a bird house.