Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Unusual, the unexpected, things that make you take a double take. When I find something like that it I usually see humor in it. Here are some of my favorite unusual pics.
A torture museum across the street from a wedding chapel.
A dress made of shower scrubbies and sheet music.
A gosling eating a dandelion.
A walking shirt with a head. (cold rainy day)
A frog clinging to a kitchen window.
A field with empty chairs and no one around.
A single red flower in a field of purple.
A frog in a bird house.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridges

(I have been missing the WPC in the last few weeks. Been busy with work schedule changes.)

Bridges come in various shapes and sizes. On a perfectly calm day they can be reflected in the water they arch over. The sun can throw interesting shadows through their ironwork. They arch over calm and moving water. They may float on the water creating interesting ripples. But mother nature can destroy those bridges with the power of the water they cross.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friend

A friend is someone who:
will hang out with you
encourages you to take those big steps
sing with you
make a place for you
join you in your activities
Dare you to try something (I dare you to go first. NO I dare you to go first)
they will go out with you and back you up

Weekly Photo Challenge: Evanescent

Evanescent: soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing.
In nature there are so many things that quickly disappear if you wait just a few minutes. A bird singing, a ray of light hitting a flower, shadows and a bird flying by. But for me something that can quickly disappear is dew drops or rain drops or frost on a plant. As soon as the sun hit that flower or leaf or spiderweb the dew or frost will disappear.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Heritage I

Heritage or what has been handed down from the past. This can be buildings, traditions, something inherited. This could be a tradition of military service in one family, or a tradition of being farmers or working the land. I choose to look at our heritage through our buildings. Old buildings show our heritage through old forts, barns, cathedrals and in others. Here are some photos of various buildings new and old.

Horicon Marsh Bird Festival

This weekend is our 20th Horicon Marsh Bird Festival. As we say “The birds will be here, will you?”
We are the oldest bird festival in the state of Wisconsin. If you are in the area this weekend come and stop by. Here is a link to our festival events.


Here are some of my favorite pics I have taken around the marsh.

In previous festivals we have ‘officially’ found between 119 to 166 bird species during the festival. The official list is birds located and ided during festival events (hikes, bus tours, boat tours and the big sit) and we maintain and update the list during the festival in the DNR Education center. That way people can stop by and see what has been spotted. Right now we have 4 Ibis on the north end of the marsh and we are hoping they hang around for the festival.
A great time for birders, nature lovers, and photographers. come and join us.