Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence

I have many photos which express silence but there is one that is my absolute favorite. Silence can be deafening in it’s quietness. Standing in the road while taking this photo the silence was absolute. The snow muffling every sound, with no wind you didn’t have the rustle of leaves or the creaking of branches. You only had the snow falling about you creating the sound absorbing blanket. With the lack of sound you almost imaginged you heard various sounds in the distance but they didn’t exist.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

Growth, going from one point to another in life leads to growth. The growth can be in spirit or in size. For this challenge I am focusing on the growth of baby birds. And they get older they start to look more like their parents. Alot of juvie birds don’t have the colorful plumage their parents have. The last photos the juvies are close to their parents in size but haven’t gained their adult plumage. And I tossed in a pic of a momma burro with her kid just for fun.

the Horicon Marsh

Being a nature and wildlife photographer I love the fact I have a great place in my area. this is a short video that shows some of the fantastic things I love about the Horicon Marsh.
If you are ever in Wisconsin and like photographing wildlife and nature this is a must see.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Favorites

Favorite photos. This can be a tough one. Alot of my favorites are the ones I have just taken. But in reviewing my library there are several that have remained as favorites. They are ones I have named and have exhibited. Here they are and some info about each pic. (I probably missed one or two of my top favorites in this list. (the list grows longer each year)

Shadows of History – taken at Fort Morgan Alabama. It is a civil war fort. I half expect to see the ghost of a civil war soldier to peer around the corner of the door.
Blue Dawn – this was taken at Horicon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge one morning. Dawn allows the blue light to dominate giving a serene feeling.
Reflection – also taken at Horicon Marsh. It was a flat calm wind and it allowed some beautiful reflection giving it an almost optical illusion.
Woodland Symphony – taken on a trail in Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge in Gulf Shores Alabama.
The Gaze – taken near Fox Lake, Wisconsin. A snowy owl had taken up residence for the winter close to the road leading to some great photo ops.
Remembrance – taken at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C.
Ghostly Dawn – also take at Horicon Marsh. The fog was still thick but the sun was bright and created some unique lighting.
Still Watch – at the Horicon Marsh. Also taken just after dawn when it was flat calm and you had the blue light.
The Miss – A great Grey Owl in Northern Wisconsin diving for a unseen sound in the snow next to my car door. (it didn’t get the mouse?)
Snowy Road – taken just after a sudden snowfall blew through near LaCrosse Wisconsin.
Breaking Dawn – at times you can get a brilliant orange light at dawn instead of the blue. With the fog it created a dramatic photo.
Robert Frost Road – this is my absolute favorite. It was snowing and it was on a Rustic Road near Portage Wisconsin. It is the living image of the Robert Frost poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”. Especially the three lines
The only other sound’s the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.
The woods are lovely, dark and deep,

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ascend

Ascend: to go up or climb. To rise through the air.
The masters of ascending or rising up throught the air are birds. Here are some of my favorite pics of birds flying high or ascending.
The first photo is large flocks of snow geese flying south, then american pelicans kettling up, a mix of marsh birds taking off, an osprey flying high, a seagull perched up high and lastly a snowy owl perched atop a tree ready for flight.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky

Cheeky: impudent or irreverent, typically in an endearing or amusing way.
Here are a few pics I consider cheeky.
A brown pelican flying past giving me a cheeky look.
A grackle checking me out.
A juvenile brown pelican criticizing the takeoff of a mature brown pelican.
Two pelicans checking me out when I took their picture.
A dress made out of scrubbies and sheet music.
End of an era
end of days.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation

Transformation: a dramatic change in form or appearance. In nature some transformations can be the change in seasons, night to day or day into night, chick to adult, new to old. Alot of these are hard to photograph as the transformation can take time. These photos are of dawn and dusk as they capture that moment of transformation from day to night or night to day. The first three are day to night the rest are night to day.

Weekly photo challenge: Experimental

I love to experiment when I am taking photos to see what I can get. some of have been successful and others not so much. These are the really experimental photos.
These are some of those experiments. These deal with what happens when you move the lense or the camera when you press the shutter. You can get some interesting stuff.
The first pics are from twisting the lense of my slr when I am taking a pic of a tulip.
The other pics are when you deliberately move the camera when you press the shutter button when taking a pic of a Christmas tree with lights.
The last pic was from a theme challenge at my photo club called Mirror, Mirror. This photo is of a mirror with the reflection of another photo. It is suppose to be a magic door (see miniature handle on mirror edge) opening onto another world. It kinda worked.