Weekly photo challenge: Experimental

I love to experiment when I am taking photos to see what I can get. some of have been successful and others not so much. These are the really experimental photos.
These are some of those experiments. These deal with what happens when you move the lense or the camera when you press the shutter. You can get some interesting stuff.
The first pics are from twisting the lense of my slr when I am taking a pic of a tulip.
The other pics are when you deliberately move the camera when you press the shutter button when taking a pic of a Christmas tree with lights.
The last pic was from a theme challenge at my photo club called Mirror, Mirror. This photo is of a mirror with the reflection of another photo. It is suppose to be a magic door (see miniature handle on mirror edge) opening onto another world. It kinda worked.


Weekly photo challenge: temporary

Temporary- only lasting a short time, not permanent. They say the only things that are permanent are taxes and death. All else are temporary. One of my favorite temporary things to try and capture is nature. So many items are temporary that create beautiful photos like light and shadows, snow, fog, frost, rainbows, sun dogs and clouds. You could fill up books with temporary scenes in nature but I am going with some hoarfrost and ice. These items can sneak in during the night and will be gone hours after the sun comes up.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rounded

Rounded. Rounded a corner, rounded off, rounded up, round and round we go.
Nature and man like to create rounded shapes.
We can bale hay up into big round bales.
Nature creates big round puffball mushrooms or smaller round orange mushrooms.
The ends of logs show various sizes of round silvered wood.
Looking up man has created art in round ceilings.
Man has also built buildings with large rounded doorways.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure

I could go in many different directions with this one. The structure in nature like trees and snow drifts. Or I could go with manmade structures like buildings and bridges. Or the structure of an insects wing. hmmmm maybe I need more then one post.
Well in this post I decided to go with manmade structures from barns to bridges to buttresses, they can all be beautiful

Weekly Photo Challenge: Oooh Shiney

Being a nature photographer my oooh shiney can cover a wide range of subjects. It can be a bird or animal who is in an unexpected place or doing something unusual/unexpected. But the one thing I will always try to capture and will spend alot of time doing it is the play of light on water. This could be in the splashing of water in a fountain or reflections in a flat calm water, the light on waves or the sun glittering on spiderwebs and dew. I can and have spent alot of time capturing and watching this interaction. Here are some of my favorite light/water photos. Or my ooooh shiney photos.